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[edit 1/4/11] Since there has been enough time for people to become accustomed to the change, the address link has been modified. Clicking it now takes you directly to the MemReg database without the explanations and extra clicking. I hope this makes things easier.


We have listened to the comments and suggestions presented by the Star Collector users. The MemReg database has been redesigned as to make searches easier. You will notice that the familiar A-Z letter selection is back, as well as the existing search engine. One aspect that you will have to adapt to is that the celebrity names are alphabetized by FIRST name, not by the last name. This is because we have added a lot of names of celebs that do not have "Americanized" names and structure. Examples being Asian celebrities. Somebody may be checking to see if we have a name of an Asian performer, but might look under what is assumed to be their last name. It was decided that it would be simpler to make the search come up by their first name. Remember, if you enter a name in the search engine, you can still search by last name. When/if a name pops up, click on that name with the mouse and it will take you to it. Make sure that you click the address option beforehand.


MemReg is still a work in progress. We FULLY welcome any feedback that you have that will help. If you notice a link not work, tell us. If there is something that you don't understand, ask us. If you have a suggestion, let us know. Star Collector has always been designed for you, the collector. The changes with the new database is from years of requests and suggestions to make the site better. I still find some things that I find somewhat confusing and I email the people on the developing side with my suggestions. With your help, this will be one of the best free resources on the net. :)


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