~Totally Useless TV Trivia~

~TV Show Theme Song Lyrics~


This is meant to be fun.  If you can think of any TV show themes I have missed, please let me know.  I've been compiling this list for awhile for something to do and thought I would share it with everyone.


I have added some midis to go with the lyrics of some of the songs.  They may not play exactly to the words, but it will at least remind you of how the tune goes.




All In The Family (1971) (complete lyrics & unaired lyrics to closing theme)




Andy Griffith Show, The (1960) (unaired lyrics)




Bewitched (1964) (unaired lyrics)




Bonanza (1959) (unaired lyrics)




Bosom Buddies (1980) (complete lyrics of theme)




Cheers (1982) (complete lyrics of theme)



Dick Van Dyke Show, The (1961) (unaired lyrics)



Drew Carey Show, The (1995) (complete lyrics of theme)




Family Ties (1982) (complete lyrics of theme)




Flying Nun, The (1967)
(note: lyrics sang in an episode of the show)




Full House (1987) (complete lyrics of theme)




Gunsmoke (1955) (unaired lyrics)




Hogan's Heroes (1965) (unaired lyrics)




I Dream Of Jeannie (1965) (unaired lyrics)




I Love Lucy (1951)
(note: lyrics were sang in an episode of the show)




Lassie (1954) (unaired lyrics)




Leave It To Beaver (1957) (unaired lyrics)
(note: lyrics were sang in episode of New Leave It To Beaver by Wally to his son)




M*A*S*H (1972) (lyrics from movie)




Munsters, The (1964) (unaired lyrics)




Odd Couple, The (1970) (unaired lyrics)




Rawhide (1959) (complete lyrics of theme)




Roseanne (1988) (unaired lyrics)




Square Pegs (1982) (complete lyrics of theme)




Star Trek (1966) (unaired lyrics)