Frequently Asked Questions


Star Collector is a labor of love for me. Over the years, I have noticed a lot of the same questions being asked repeatedly. I have compiled a lot of the repeats here.


Q.  Why don't you update the website more often? Why isn't my autograph success I sent you on the website yet?

A.  This is a very huge website that is growing by the week.  With the merger with MemReg, management team approves user submitted updates and entries as soon as possible.  To be frank, we have to keep this in perspective.  This is a hobby that we work on when reality does not interfere. :-)


Q.  Why don't you get help?

A.  Honestly, since this is a non-profit website, I do not have money to pay anybody to help out. I have built Star Collector from the ground up, by myself, since it's inception as a GeoCities website in 2000. I am pretty set on how things are laid out. [EDIT 8/6/10: I do now have a management team that greatly helps me keep the address submissions updated on a pretty regular basis.]


Q.  Do you sell your autographs?

A.  No. The scans that I provide are of my own personal collection to show examples of what you might receive. I am a collector, not a seller. [EDIT 8/6/10: The people that I have merged with on MemReg has created an option for the site users to not only buy autographs from fellow collectors, but to sell your own items.]


Q.  Why can't I provide scans of my own autographs?

A.  I do not have enough drive space with my hosting company. My main goal is to use the space for addresses. If I were to start putting scans of the site users, I would run out of space very quickly. [EDIT 8/6/10: MemReg now provides you with the option of uploading your own scans.]


Q.  An entry states "Address removed by request". Can I still get it from you?

A.  No. We respect the privacy of the people that are listed on the database. We make it a habit of trying NOT list private residence or email addresses, unless it is an acceptable form of fan communication. When we get a request from celebs, and/or their representatives, to remove the address, it is done immediately. That means that the address has been completely deleted from our records with no way of retrieving them.


Q.  Can you get an autograph for me?

A.  No. We have no personal contact with any of the celebs listed on the website. We do not know them or their representatives. Please do not email us with your mailing address and a list of people that you want autographs from. Star Collector and MemReg are designed as a tool to help you send off your own requests with your own postage/supplies, not ours. :-)


Q.  I tried an address and received an RTS. Do you refund postage? I sent an item for an autograph and never got it back. Will you replace it?

A.  Absolutely not. There is no way that we can guarantee that an address that was successful yesterday will be active tomorrow. We have no way of having that knowledge. If you send a request, especially a personal item, you are doing this at your own risk. This is a hobby of no absolutes...


Q.  You don't have an address listed. Can you find it for me?

A.  We try our best to do address searches. We can not always guarantee that we will find something though.


Q.  Why do you leave RTS addresses on the website?

A.  Star Collector and MemReg are designed as a tool for fellow collectors. If we only listed successful/tested addresses, that would only be half the job. As there are many sources that also list addresses, their info may not be up to date. Our listing of dead addresses lets people know not to use it and save postage at the same time.


Q.  I'm not comfortable with addresses for adult actresses/models being listed on the website. Will you remove them?

A.  No. This website is used by collectors of different genres. We can not short one field of collecting simply because someone else might find it offensive. In the case of the adult actresses/models, we are simply providing the addresses. We can not guarantee what the celeb will send or what their age screening policies are. If we were to remove adult addresses because one faction of the site users does not like them, then that would mean that we would have to remove religious-related addresses because someone else may not share that faith or sports addresses because he/she does not follow them.


Q.  Why don't you make adult address password protected?

A.  Honestly, there is no way for us to verify that the person applying for access is really the age that he/she claims to be. The only way that this could be done would be to charge a fee for access. Our standing rule is that Star Collector will never become a pay site. There is no reason to pay for free addresses.


Q.  How do I ask questions to you?

A.  Click on the swinging email icon roughly half way down the main welcome page. Once there, pick the link that fits your email content.


Q.  Can you give me tips on the hobby?

A.  Most definitely. Click this link, Autographs 101, and it will take you to that page.


Q.  Why is the conventions page not updated more often?

A.  Frankly, we can only update the page when we are made known of upcoming events. The main purpose of the page is for people to share upcoming conventions from around the country and the world, that others may not have been aware of otherwise. The more info provided, and on a timely manner, the better use that the page will be in the long run.


Q.  I provided an address to you, but it still hasn't been posted on the site. Why?

A.  We reserve the right to approve, or not approve, celebs to the website for one reason or another. With that said, 98% of the addresses submitted to MemReg are added. We have a criteria that will keep us from posting an address. This could be because we can not find any information on the person (as we personally look up every new entry) to warrant being on the website or the celeb is excessively elderly and we do not want to be responsible for him/her receiving too much mail, especially from people that are only sending a request to just have another autograph in their collection. We will add that person if it's proven what makes the person a "celeb" or if the elderly celeb is still signing regularly with requests. We do NOT add addresses of military veterans as a sign of respect to their privacy. They bravely served their countries and do not see themselves as celebrities.


Q.  I would like to make a donation, but I don't have a PayPal account. How can I help?

A.  As always, donations are completely voluntary and no dollar amount is set. While PayPal is preferred for the convenience, we have made alternative avenues for donating. Send us an email and we'll provide the information.